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About the “Wide Open” CD:


A very ambitious 15-song undertaking for any band, the Karen Single Band wanted to create an album that will hold it’s own for years to come, both in songwriting, and production quality .

“Wide Open ” is just the first in a cinematic story-telling concept that spans 3 albums. It is a luscious, inviting garden that explores the intricate qualities of melodic hard rock, neo-classical, and progressive pop music .

The Concept:

A world within a world within a world.
Each of the albums tells a new story which relates to this underlying theme. The concept of all living beings affecting each other. The universe is being threatened with destruction for ALL living things in many dimensions, unless one small being can change the destructive vibrations.

We are sent along on the journey through time and space with our heroine (one of the ‘mist’ beings) known as “Satori”, as she strives to save all of us.

The Story:

This is the story of a brave, young warrior. Her name is Satori and she lives in a far-off dimension of another universe. Her world is in terrible danger of being completely destroyed. Satori is the ‘Chosen One’ to travel through time and space to the origins of the terrible danger. Satori’s people (the mist beings) live their lives encased in bubble-like fields of energy and color that respond to vibrations of all kinds. Music is their first language and the universal form of communication. “Songs” are created by emotions, and when emotions turn negative, their worlds crystallize, making it impossible to procreate, and causing them to fall and crash violently, shattering upon impact.

Satori must now leave her home with the daunting task of discovery and resolution. Armed only with her shell (still intact – a gift from the Fathers), and the ability to hear “songs”, she sets out and is drawn to our universe, and the planet Earth . Her first encounter on Earth is with a young runaway on the streets. This is where the first album begins. Wide Open follows our heroine through one night in the life of this young woman.

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